In this chapter Joe Simpson explains his fear of bivouacs using an example of his dangerous situation in the Alps. Joe and his climbing party had readied their bivouacs and was about to go to sleep when one of their ropes or screws snapped and they were left precariously hanging over a crevasse with a […]

Goodbye, the child of my right hand, and happiness, my wrongs was to much of a hope for me, my loved boy. Seven years were lent to me, and I paid for it, exactly by fate, on that day. I could lose my father now! Why will man change the state he envys? To have […]

‘The Dread of something after death’ is one of the lines from Hamlet’s soliloquy ‘to be or not to be.’ The phrase is about Hamlet’s fear of death and what comes after it. Just before this line, Hamlet was talking about how death would be a relief, which means now he is contradicting himself. This […]

It will happen or it won’t happen. That is the enquiry. It is nobler in the head to struggle the hardships and dangers of luck or to go to war against all of your troubles and then by fighting them you defeat them. To lay to rest, to always sleep, and if we sleep we […]

This is the very last scene in Hamlet. This is the scene in which almost everyone dies. The scene starts with a messenger (Osric) telling Hamlet and Horatio that Claudius has put a bet on a fencing match between Hamlet and Laertes. Hamlet agrees to the match and it begins. Hamlet gets two hits on […]

This scene is the scene in which Ophelia is buried. It starts off by a gravedigger digging a grave and singing while he is doing it. Hamlet and Horatio enter and Hamlet basically starts telling the gravedigger to stop singing. The gravedigger refuses to tell Hamlet and Horatio who’s grave he is digging when suddenly […]

During this scene, Claudius and Laertes discuss how they are going to kill Hamlet. They have just received a letter from Hamlet telling them that he’ll be home soon as he has cancelled his trip to England. Claudius tells Laertes that he has heard great things about how good Laertes is at fencing. Laertes says […]